Generate Links & Share

Upload, generate and easily share your files with others using links. Generate multiple links for the same document to control different access privileges and you can keep track who has downloaded through unique links you may send out.

There are two ways you can generate links in the Sendlinx online portal:

  1. Click the “Send” option in the left menu
  2. Then click “Need just a link” above the mail form.
  3. Next, upload a file or a folder and click “Get A Link”
  4. Copy the download link


  1. Click the “My Docs” option in the left menu
  2. Then either drag and drop files  or click the “Upload” menu option in the top menu
  3. Once done, select the file or folder and click “New Link”. This will generate a new link in the Link Manager.

 Please note: When generating a new link for a “Folder”, the folder will be zipped and the recipient will have access to download the contents of the folder in a compressed zip format.  If you wish to share a folder to a recipient then visit this link.

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