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Use your own FTP Server with our Apps.

Private FTP

Configure our application with your existing private FTP Server or learn to setup your own through our community forums and how to section. This feature is currently available through our Outlook and Desktop apps.

Sendlinx Cloud

When you sign up for a Sendlinx account you will have access to our FREE Secure Cloud server for use across all our platforms. You can easily adjust your storage space through any of our apps on demand, to fit your usage needs.

Send Online

For quickly sending large or sensitive files, our online platform is simple and secure. Create an account and start sending right away!

Mobile Apps

Take Sendlinx with you anywhere. Our Android and IOS apps provide full access to your account features so you can manage your storage at any time.

Sendlinx Overview

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Link Management

Link Expiry Date & Time

Set or change expiry dates and times when links for access to your files will expire automatically. This feature is currently available Online and through our Outlook and Desktop apps.

Change Links

Change the links for your files and resend if necessary. This feature is useful when links were sent to incorrect recipients and is currently available Online or through our Outlook and Desktop apps.


Share links to everyday, personal, large, and sensitive files with any recipients you choose, across all our platforms.


Get email notifications so you know when your files were last downloaded and by whom. Pop-up notifications are also available in our Outlook app.

Specialized Industry Use Cases

Sendlinx provides powerful tools and features across all our platforms for industries with unique needs and/or stringent compliance standards for secure file access. We can also provide further customization if required - just ask!


Manufacturing companies from a variety of sectors use our platforms for quick, reliable, and completely secure transfer of important design files (i.e. CAD drawings) to suppliers and clients across the globe. With Sendlinx, you can send product designs and essential manufacturing information from designers to industrial areas across the world (including China) with no file size limits.


Sendlinx offers healthcare providers, laboratories, analysts, and patients a secure user-friendly environment to send and receive critical data - everything from confidential patient records to genome and pathology research data. Please refer to our FAQs for more information on our HIPAA & PIPEDA compliance.


Our secure and easy-to-use interface provides charities and non-profit organizations with a reliable and affordable way to share documents and media content with supporters, beneficiaries, and colleagues. Images, videos, and essential operation files can be shared around the world, including in hard-to-reach locations. Sendlinx also has specific programs for charities and non-profits - please contact us for more information.


Our full platform range works seamlessly with established network systems to allow secure and traceable data transfer for public sector organizations. Sendlinx features central administrative controls, full audit trails, and end-to-end encryption to ensure full control and visibility of data for data owners. We are fully compliant with international standards including PCI-DSS and GDPR.

Construction and Engineering

Everyone along the project chain from concept to completion can collaborate easily through our suite of apps. With Sendlinx, you can connect architects, surveyors, and designers directly with engineers, contractors, and onsite crew leads for quick, simple, and completely secure file sharing to make sure everyone is working to the latest specs.


Sendlinx provides ultra-secure file sharing technology for solicitors and other legal professionals to send personal, highly-sensitive information and huge files to clients and colleagues without ever worrying about security breaches or lost information. Leading levels of end-to-end encryption, existing secure server integration, and in-depth administration controls ensures that all client and case information is kept safe at all times.