Convenience: Sharing links is generally more convenient than sharing files because you don’t have to worry about file size limits, storage space, or compatibility issues.

Easy access: Links can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, which makes sharing and accessing files more convenient.

Security: Sharing links can be more secure than sharing files because you can control who has access to the content. For example, you can password-protect links or set an expiration date for access.

Version control: Sharing links allows you to maintain version control of the content you share. You can update the content at any time without having to send a new file to everyone who needs access.

Collaboration: Sharing links can facilitate collaboration because multiple people can access the same content at the same time, which can help streamline workflows and increase productivity.

Cost-effective: Sharing links is often more cost-effective than sharing files because it eliminates the need for expensive hardware or software. Additionally, cloud-based storage solutions that offer link-sharing are often less expensive than traditional storage solutions.

Sendlinx Overview

Custom Apps

Sendlinx offers custom app development services for businesses and organizations that require a customized file sharing solution. With Sendlinx’s custom app development services, businesses can create a file sharing application that is tailored to their specific needs and requirements.

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Online Portal

The Sendlinx Online portal allows users to store and share files and photos securely on the internet, and access them from any device with an internet connection. Sendlinx is a Microsoft Office Cloud Storage Partner, which allows users to save and edit documents directly from within Office applications in Sendlinx.

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Desktop Apps(Windows / macOS)

Our Desktop apps allows users to access their Sendlinx files and folders directly from their computer, without the need to log in to the Dropbox website. User can to share files and folders with others, control access to shared files, and collaborate on documents in real-time.

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Outlook Addin

Sendlinx Outlook Add-in is an extension for Microsoft Outlook that allows users to send large files using the Sendlinx service directly from their Outlook email client. With the Sendlinx Outlook Add-in, users can easily attach and send large files of up to 5GB without worrying about file size limitations or email bounce backs.

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