General Review

At Sendlinx, we aim to improve the user landscape by giving everyone what they want; individuals have the application tools to customize their file sharing activity and organizations have the framework to manage device use and maintain security protocols. To address the needs and concerns of both sides with our design, we approached the issue from both directions: From a user perspective, using their own Private Storage or a Cloud based one, for both work and personal, individuals require:

  • The ability to share large files and folders with one or more recipient(s);
  • The option to Zip, Encrypt, and Password Protect files and folders being shared;
  • The ability to Set Expiry Dates for access to the files and folders being shared;
  • The ability Change Links to redirect recipient(s) to different or updated files and folders;
  • The ability to Delete Files or Folders to prevent recipient(s) from downloading files and folders shared by mistake;
  • Notification when recipient(s)download the files and folders being shared;
  • The ability to use different Accounts (work versus personal) to upload files and folders to protect user privacy and adhere to company IT policies.

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